Rusty Root

It is not yet known what the exact cause of rusty root is. One thing that has been shown to cause rusty root though, is injury do to extreme cold. Soil temperatures that get below freezing have been noted as a common factor. Damage seems to get worse as temperatures drop. But it is not that simple; the years when soil did not freeze, Rusty Root still appeared. Some other factors that may play a part in this are:

  • Extreme Cold
  • Soil Chemistry
  • Nutrient Imbalance
  • Soil Type
  • Moisture Stress
  • Heat Stress
  • Any Combination Of The Above

There is also some strong evidence that genetics may play a large part in Rusty Root. Different seed sources have been shown to be more or less susceptible to Rusty Root.

The process seems to be a breakdown of the outer layer of cells on the root. This dies after damaged and leaves a scabby area which sloughs off. Often the damaged area will heal over leaving a depressed area, but sometimes other organisms take over and do various levels of damage. The affected areas can range from very small to covering most of the root.

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