Ginseng Culture by West Virginia Public Broadcasting

  • Was offered $1,000 Dollars a Root !
  • Eric Burkhart talks about some of Ginseng’s properties
  • Edward Fletcher talks about a friends trip to Hong Kong where he found 6 Ginseng Shops in one block
  • Ginseng is considered to be an Adaptogen
  • They will buy Ginseng when they cant afford to put a lot of other things on there tables
  • Every part of the plant is useful and has value
  • Ginseng has not been recognized for how important this plant has played in our history
  • I could go on and on watch the Video !!

Billy Taylor takes his Oldest son lil Bill out Ginseng Hunting

  • Billy and His Kids show good stewardship of Wild Ginseng
  • You need to dig out a foot or two around the stem, You never know where the root is going
  • Take your time, no need to always be in a hurry
  • I enjoy watching Billy's videos, I will never forget all the time I spent in the woods with my father
  • Plant the berries and preserve your Wild Ginseng

Ginseng Hunting Tips with TNHunter

  • You need a light but strong digging tool - 3" to 5" tines work well
  • Always protect yourself from insects when hunting Ginseng
  • Remember water and snacks, you will need to keep hydrated
  • A good sturdy bad for carrying your Ginseng
  • Look for your companion plants

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