Not sure what to do with your woodlot ?

Do you have a woodlot just sitting there ? Maybe your struggling to make ends meet like millions of Americans these days. If your like me than our woodlots were used primarily for hunting and cutting firewood. I have never been a believer in traditional logging for profit, I feel that is is more destructive than good and it makes me sad to think that most of those beautiful trees will end up becoming something someone takes for granted.

Then I was introduced to this amazing plant Ginseng and I started to see possibilities of a much better option for my property.

Depending on your location and state there are many non-timber forest products that can be grown  under your woodlots canopy. Many of these crops are extremely valuable and rare to find in the wild. Not only are you helping maintain a healthy and productive woodlot but your also helping ensure that our younger generations will also be able to enjoy these amazing plants as well.

Bob Beyfuss and recently posted a few videos about Ginseng. I will post about each one and below the videos I will highlight some key points. Bob Beyfuss is one of the Leading Ginseng Experts and I owe him many thanks for the generous help.

Here is Bob's video

  • Ginseng is native to North America and Asia
  • Ginseng prefers soils rich in calcium and likes shade
  • 1000 hours of cold temperatures below 40-45 are needed to brake dormancy
  • Fertilizing Ginseng is not recommended and can cause diseases

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