Ginseng Diseases

Now if you’re going to be planting ginseng you’re going to encounter ginseng diseases at some point in time along the way. Depending on the planting method you chose, it can and will affect the types and severity of diseases you encounter and can also limit the options you have to help prevent and treat these diseases as they arise.

The cost and time needed to properly maintain a large cultivated ginseng or woods grown ginseng operation may not be something your willing to invest, if your just starting off. But this is an extremely important topic and an inevitable obstacle that if you’re properly prepared for can be dealt with swiftly and effectively

As with most species of wild plants when planted in dense planting beds, they become more susceptible to disease. Ginseng is no exception to this rule.

There are 3 main ginseng diseases you may encounter; we will discus these in detail. There is also a long list of less common diseases that may pop up from time to time. I will do my best to provide a list of the most common with a brief suggestion for control methods.

3 Most Common Ginseng Diseases

  • Blight – Most common and very distinctive disease.
  • Damping-Off – A fungal disease affects younger plants.
  • Root Rot – Least common but most destructive disease.

Less Common Ginseng Diseases

  • Disappearing Root Rot – a serious disease that can occur in ginseng plants of any age
  • Rusty Root – Genetics may play a roll in rusty root.