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American Ginseng is Found to Improve Cancer-Related Fatigue

The Mayo Clinic conducted a multisite, double-blind trial on the effects of American Ginseng on cancer-related fatigue. 364 patients at 40 different institutions, were given 2000Mg of American Ginseng daily or a Placebo for 8 weeks.  The results were posted at, below is a copy of the publication.   I have been taking Ginseng for years now…

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Ginseng Benefits

Top 10 Ginseng Benefits General Benefits  1  Helps Strengthen the Heart  2  Increases Natural Energy  3  Helps Balance the Metabolism  4  Helps Strengthen the Immune System  5   Increased Mental Clarity and Alertness  6   Reduces Mental Stress and Anxiety  7   Reduces Fatigue and Increases Endurance  8   Contains many Anti-Oxidants   9   Helps…

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