How You Grow Your Ginseng Will Determine How Much $$ You Get

There are several different ways to grow Ginseng. Determining what method is best for you Depends on you location and what you want to do With Your Ginseng.

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American Ginseng is Found to Improve Cancer-Related Fatigue

The Mayo Clinic conducted a multisite, double-blind trial on the effects of American Ginseng on cancer-related fatigue. 364 patients at 40 different institutions, were given 2000Mg of American Ginseng daily or a Placebo for 8 weeks.  The results were posted at, below is a copy of the publication.   I have been taking Ginseng for years now…

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The Life cycle of Ginseng

  Here is another great video that Bob Beyfuss and have but together. Below the video I highlighted some key points again. Here is Bob’s Video  

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Not sure what to do with your woodlot ?

Do you have a woodlot just sitting there ? Maybe your struggling to make ends meet like millions of Americans these days. If your like me than our woodlots were used primarily for hunting and cutting firewood. I have never been a believer in traditional logging for profit, I feel that is is more destructive…

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What does it mean To Steward Wild Ginseng ?

To Steward Ginseng ?   I have come across this term a lot during my Ginseng Research. Sounds kinda funny I know, but when you think about it you really are Stewarding Ginseng. To Steward means to take care of or manage when used this way. Ginseng has been abused over the years, over harvested…

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